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In the midst of the pandemic that was looming over the world, John Mueller from Chicago, IL and Stephanie Jeannot from Brooklyn, NY, joined forces together and decided to take a chance on using their creative ideas to outfit an album of original works.
Once the thought of the remote collaborative undertaking started to bloom, obsessive attention became the thing that kept the project moving forward. Music gave them the fuel to thresh away the darkness of the pandemic. It put them in a much calmer place as they set their minds free to come up with an album full of eclectic sounds and rhythms with the flurry of percussive ideas and warm rhythmatic foundations that invaded their brains.
The album is entitled, The Stephanie Jeannot and the John Mueller Project, and features thirteen tracks, all with different topics, telling a story of how they see the world, based on a variety of relatable experiences. John Mueller runs through his low frequency bass riffs and provides the right accompaniment to the big, resonating vocals and piano tinkles of Stephanie Jeannot.
The entire album focuses on all the different types of love that one might encounter on a day-to-day basis; self-love, romantic love, world love, Vibrational love and God’s love.
The idea of self-love can be found in the songs, Working Woman Blues, Friday Night, and Moving Forward, all talking about the beautiful intricacies of persevering, using your gifts and power to do hard-work and accomplishing goals such as the completion of a workweek to elevate you to the next level into which case for a workweek would be, the weekend. Haitian with its various drum sounds and dub bass lines and Brooklyn with its explosive rock bass riffs, roar with the idea of love based on cultural identity.
You can hear songs that talk about romantic love in Intoxicated By Your Love, You Are the One and Hold Back A River; the former two talking about a relationship that transcends all boundaries and invites into life, a heart swollen with jazzy love. The latter, speaks on a relationship metamorphosing from a sweet thing to a chaotic and confusing mental environment that causes the end of a romantic relationship.
The focus on world-love and unity which is near and dear to the artist’s hearts, is presented in the songs, Love is the Matter and Rise Up. One is with a funk groove that aims towards unity in love for all across the globe and the other being a flurry of questions, set to a slow piano groove that is reinforced by the harmony of the bass, speaking up about the racism, discrimination, prejudices and inequalities in justice faced by black people in America.
To experience vibrational love is to find peace in the world all around you. With its acoustical sounds and call and response nature, Vibration of Peace¸ sets you on a journey of echoing harmony within.
When we speak about God’s love, the idea of being kept through an epidemic that has taken so many lives, is a reason to be thankful for all that God has done for us. Praise the Lord does just that in proclaiming the victory and gives the opportunity to talk about how faith has brought us this far, acknowledging God who keeps our blood circulating and our bodies safe from illnesses.
Immerse yourself into The Stephanie Jeannot and the John Mueller Project with an open mind. It has a little bit of something for everybody to enjoy and hopefully will capture the interest of minds. Available on all music streaming platforms on October 10, 2020.

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