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“The Evil in Me” features RON JEREMY as a man arrested for killing his wife and who escapes justice due to lack of evidence but does not escape his fate from a Police Detective (NICK LE JUGE) who seeks justice. It is an artistic project denouncing domestic violence and touching the matter of the Police taking the law into their hands.
Song by : Nick le Juge. Music arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by : Erdal Kizilçay. Musicians: Nick le Juge (lead vocals), Erdal Kizilçay (bass, guitars, keyboard), Tal Bergman (drums), Mitch Gasser (guitar solos). Video produced by : Ian Fisher & Gev Miron
Directed by : Ian Fisher & Gev Miron
Shot & Cut by : Ian Fisher & Gev Miron
Actors : Ron Jeremy, Nick le Juge, Kathrine Kohl, Viki Bryzgala, Jack Jaco Pitchon, Davina Bar and Yaniv Raphael Bar

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