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A mutual love of retro 80s dance music brought together three long-time friends and musicians from St. Catharines, Ontario. Powerwalk was formed. Finding lyrical inspiration from mundane observation, magazine articles and life experiences. Musical inspiration from acoustic drums, electric bass and synthesizers. This project is about taking the pressure off of music creation- it’s just meant to be fun.

The single, “Summer’s Over” is a fun, synth-focused song with an 80s vibe and a catchy chorus. About the single, the band says, “Fall always comes. It gets cold and wet and everything dies. But there’s one last furious burst of colour as the trees go bare. We might not have any control over how things change or how fast they change, but sometimes we can still appreciate the beauty.”

Powerwalk is a trio of experienced musicians, creating a new wave sound with a modernized approach. About making their sound, the band says, “We all got together because we wanted to make some kind of dance music. Mark rented some drum sample pads and Amanda hooked up every synth we own. This song started with some cool arpeggiator sounds and it all fit with some lyrics we had kicking around. We recorded everything ourselves at The Shop, which was a century-old pig-barn, now converted into a recording studio. ”


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