The Indie Rock Band, The Sunset Kings, Releases Sensational New Song called ‘Blue Dreams’

There’s nothing like classic music intermixed with contemporary beats. The 21st century has watched a rise in the love for hybrid music, with artists never failing to deliver the best. And among them are The Sunset Kings, an indie rock band, which has released their new song, “Blue Dreams”.

This latest song by The Sunset Kings is a saga of love, hate, and self-discovery. As a part of their album, “Shadow Work In Technicolor”, the band relates deep messages that they have learnt over the past nine years. This sensational album was released post the death of their dear friend and bassist, Shag. As they grappled with the loss of their band-mate, they formulated “Shadow Work In Technicolor”, a collaboration between vocalist star and saxophonist, Neumi.

Sometimes you grow as a person, and you find yourself growing apart from people you are close to. Sometimes you go through experiences that just fundamentally start to transform who you are as a person. And when values change, those are the most difficult things to reconcile in any relationship that existed before the change you’re experiencing”, says a spokesperson for the band Sunset Kings in an interview with About Insider.

The lyrics from “Blue Dreams” are inspired by beat poetry and the Boston poetry scene.  The music in the song uniquely combines jazz, pop, psychedelia, and soul.

The Sunset Kings are an American band whose members hail from different parts of North America. The band’s first full-length album was released in 2012. “The Ballad of Bella Fury” came to form in a hotel room in Laguna Beach on one summer night.

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