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A heartfelt, twisted, fantastical re-telling of one of pop/rock’s most notorious conspiracy theories. Taking cue from the year 1966, the music echoes the swinging London pop culture scene while the lyrics express new perspectives on the pressures and anxieties of pop superstardom with a darkly comic, macabre flourish. A re-telling??? – but YES! Our lead character is painted as a conquering hero and tragic figure. And in the end, he does get his wings.

Faul! – The Musical is ultimately a whimsical, loving tribute to a force of nature, the power of suggestion and childlike wonder. It is for music fans, theorists and lovers of mystery. We all need someone to believe in. Be wise in what you believe.


released June 18, 2021

Music & Lyrics – R. Scott Dibble & Dave Cornblum
Produced by R. Scott Dibble & Dave Cornblum
© 2021 Do Your Worst Publishing
Executive Producers: Ham Horenson & Marion Ette
Art direction: Shorts Johnson
Art contributor: Catherine Benson
String arrangements by Philip Glenn
Strings produced & engineered by Chris Schlarb @ Big Ego Studios Long Beach, CA
Choir & drums recorded by Antoine Arvizu @ The Compound Studio Signal Hill, CA
Vocals, bass & guitars recorded by Chris Paul Overall @ Greenhouse Studios, Long Beach, CA
Mellophone recorded by Brad Gordon @ Magic Carpet Studios N. Hollywood, CA
Brass & classical guitar recorded by Nic Chaffee @ Woodshed Music Long Beach, CA

Mastered by Matt Lynch @ Mysterious Mammal Inglewood, CA


Antoine Arvizu – drums
Doug Couture – guitars
Chris Paul Overall – vocals & bass
R. Scott – keyboards

Lauren Baba – viola
Jean Paul Barjon – cello
Nic Chaffee – trombone, trumpet
Philip Glenn – violin
Brad Gordon – mellophone
Joy Martin – violin
Tyler Vrooman – classical guitar

Alyssandra Nighswonger
Heather Sommhauser

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