Song info/credits
Peter Xifaras – guitar, composer, producer
Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Mehdi is being punished severely for creating music. He’s been covered by the press extensively (Time, NewsWeek, Rolling Stone, Washington Post, BBC, NYTimes,etc.). I promised him I would dedicate a song on this album to honor him.

-The beginning section with the orchestra represents labored breathing, sort of like drowning – symbolic of the government smothering his artistic freedom.
– Some of the guitar effects are symbolic of his pain & suffering.
-The middle section when the groove comes in, the thumping of the kick drum represents his heart beating irregular as he almost died on a hunger strike while imprisoned.
-The finger snaps in this middle section represent the ‘whip on a lifeless body’ he experienced.
-And lastly, the pulsating guitar note at the end of the song represents that even though the music has stopped, his human spirit lives on and cannot be broken.

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