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Olie Beckett is a young musical prodigy, drawing musical inspiration from the likes of acclaimed songwriters such as Harry Styles, Sza, and Rosalia. Olie started his musical journey singing in church, which quickly evolved into a passion for songwriting and mastering piano.

Written and produced by Phoenix Stone (Backstreet Boys), “Heartbeat” is a vibrant sing-along celebration about falling in love. Unfolding over an exhilarating mix of lush bass lines, bright harmonies, and the captivating charm of Olie Beckett’s magnetic vocals, “Heartbeat” captures the thrill of a new crush.
The accompanying music video further illustrates Olie’s euphoric daydream, taking place in the backdrop of a laundromat and transforming an ordinary setting into a romantic dance floor dream.

Olie Beckett recently made a splash in the music industry with the release of his first three songs “Heartbeat”, “Entertaining” and “Free. He confides, “The creative process sparkles after mixing your own personality into a genre or song you created.”

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