Talented American Rapper NOYZ Drops New EP “Now I See”

Fast-rising American rapper, NOYZ, announces the release of his latest project, the “Now I See” EP

NOYZ is a young talented rapper who is looking to chart a new course in the music industry, especially in the rap genre. In a related development, the fast-rising rapper recently launched a new EP titled “Now I See,” where he blesses the ears of his fans and millions of music lovers, especially rap enthusiasts with an amazing blend of thought-provoking and entertaining lyrics.

The global music and entertainment industry has evolved over the years. The emergence of different categories of stakeholders, including singers, record labels, and music producers has helped the growth of the market. The advent of the digital music industry has also made it relatively easier for artists to reach their target audience. While the hip-hop community and rap, in particular, seem to have championed the evolution, many of the songs rocking the airwave have deviated from the true essence of rap, which has endeared the genre to millions of people worldwide. However, NOYZ is looking to challenge the status quo by bringing back the features that helped rap popular over the years, with the recently released “Now I See” substantiating this claim.

NOYZ is looking to continue in his tradition of serving his fans with great music, featuring amazing punch lines, wordplay, and smashing sounds, as the rapper shows his lyrical strength and ingenuity behind the MIC. The “Now I See” project is a follow-up to his 3-track “ENVY” EP released in June 2020. NOYZ, under the management of C2 Management, plans to continue making music that will impact the lives of his listeners for generations.

“Now I See” and other works from NOYZ are currently available across all major digital platforms.

About NOYZ

NOYZ is an American rapper originating from many parts of the country and few parts of the world. At a young age, NOYZ fell in love with descriptive writing, jumping around with the idea of becoming a novelist or a scriptwriter. However, he later found himself relating to rap music and eventually started to keep notebooks and had random rhymes written at the age of fourteen. NOYZ performed at his first live show at a small gathering at a private party and a few years later worked his way up to performance venues. After his last show in December 2019, NOYZ decided it was time to take the next step in his career and share his music with the world, dropping his debut EP in June 2020.

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