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I’ll See You There is an Ep of a few songs Made by the artist K$tg that’s going on an upcoming project hence the title “I’ll See You There”. The project was released on January 15th, 2021 and it’s filled with this dark, psychedelic trap style of music heavily influenced by Kanye West, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi. The combination of the trance like melodies and banging 808’s comes from producer KNDRXX who is a good friend of K’s. They made this project in their own Studio, built up from scratch and is now a professional recording place, K and K Studios, in which they work with multiple artists. Other creditors on this Ep includes Grace Hull, a good friend of K$tg, who always thought she had talent for singing but never showcased it before this project and with the help of K and K they was able to bring out her true artist within. Help with production includes Sixzin and Louis The Beatmaker. All the songs were mixed, mastered, written and co. produced by K$tg.

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