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(CEO KLYENTAL ):Proud to say 2mrw Fallz Finest 4 will be released life’s beautiful I see it one way win or lose I’m proud… Thank all the artists who were apart of it and the ones I ain’t get to get on this will do sure be on number 5 thank u part 5 will drop July 5th..πŸ—£Β Call Me Schosa – β€œ1/1” Official Music Video Out Nowβ€ΌοΈΒ πŸ‘‰πŸ½ΒΒ 11th Fallz Finest 4 is dropping if u want a copy just hit me this is a showcase of music in our city. Part 5 is on the way as well thank everyone from 4 and 5 who sent songs and gave an idea. It’s a we thing not a Me thing so I wanted to show love to the city and place we call HOME… April 11th get ready Fallz Finest 4 is here!!!On Behalf Of Ceo’s KingWallace(NorthernXposureRecords & Killa Klyental(StreetRichMusicGroup) we would like like to Welcome the World To PT4(DA LP).


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