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Joan of Arkansas is a sludge pop band from Phoenix, Arizona formed through Tinder and Craigslist. None of us are from Arkansas and no one is named Joan, but we do love a good play on words. Joan of Arkansas is weird, loud, distorted, and lyrically-driven. Bright pop dual vocals peeking through distorted sludgy guitar and bass, then topped off with manic drumming.

“”Erase Me” is a perfect lil capsule of some of our favorite things to do/talk about in our songs. Musically It’s manic, it’s intentionally distorted and buzzy and fuzzy as hell, the drummer sounds like he’s on 18 cups of coffee but isn’t coordinated enough to play a convincing punk beat. Gang vocals and a 50-dollar fuzz pedal that is dialed to melting. Lyrically, It’s about that sneaky suspicion that you will never outgrow your awkward phase, that you are the ugly duckling that never turned into a swan. Just an Ugly Ass Duck. We are older, we remember when self-doubt was cool.”
– Joan of Arkansas

“Erase Me” is the second single from Joan of Arkansas’ latest EP, ¡Distortionista! – streaming now.

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