Artist Bio
Zion “Zee” McThomas was born on April 9, 1996 in Natchez, MS. Due to her mother’s job, McThomas lived in seven states. Her travels and traumas shaped her as an artist at a young age. Since the age of ten, McThomas has been writing poetry to cope with the struggles and strife of her life.

Her freshman year at Alcorn brought her into a new light: performing. Her spoken word made her well known on campus as she won competitions with her dynamic wordplay. Soon, she began to travel performing in Jackson,MS;Memphis,TN, and Atlanta,GA. After graduating, McThomas met members of AM WyseLove, a local band in Meridian,MS, and began recording her first EP Self Medication in 2018.

Since then, McThomas has continued to perfect her craft as a Hip Hop artist. With rhymes and cadences that mimic the styles of Rapsody, Saba, and Lauryn Hill, McThomas is slowly growing into an artist of lyrical force and God given talent. She has released six projects and has gained listeners from all over the world.


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