SnapDibz entered the music scene in 2008. Snap hails from Atlanta and he brought his deep and insightful lyrics with him. He met DJ Dibz in Louisiana who was performing locally at the time to form SnapDibz. They soon began producing their own underground music and created early hits like “Destiny.”

SnapDibz continued to worked on their sound and unique music videos which led to their more collaborative album in 2018 called “Reflections,” and includes hits like “Calm on the Outside” and “Wishing Well,” both of which are being remixed/mastered now. The Album also is home to the banging beat of “Beakers “ whose video was nominated for the Midwest regional music video awards.

They moved from the underground to the professional studio and released their hit EP “Levels” that is gaining attraction in February 2020, home to the global hit “You and I” and the hip-hop banger “Masterplan”. Soon after “Levels,” the hit release and music video about the Covid-19 crisis called “The Climb” met the world.

SnapDibz continues to introduce music their unique vibe where global meets pop meets hip-hop meets electronic music to the world. As time moved on, DJ Dibz became entangled and life and work but Snap would not let SnapDibz music stop. He continues making music and created The latest release “Dead2Me” taking the lyrics deep and dark when discussing a past relationship where one was left abandoned. This is not one to miss!


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