When your last name (Revel) by definition literally means a musical celebration, you best be ready to live up to your name. Since he was twelve years old, Rick Revel has been playing music professionally. The youngest member of the band, Uncle Bill and the Hillbillies, Rick became an audience favorite and soon caught the eye of Nashville, TN.
By age fifteen, he debuted on television on the Carl Tipton Show and his professional career as a Country Music artist sprouted wings. Taking some sage advice from Roy Acuff, the teenager from a farm in West Tennessee set his sights on Music Row. With a dream in one hand and determination in the other, music executives soon discovered not only could Rick sing, he could write a song too.
In 1974, at age seventeen he recorded a gospel song titled “Lord, Have Mercy On Me” which was one of several hundred tunes he had written by the time he was a senior in high school. Playing in a country band on Friday and Saturday nights and a Gospel Quartet on Sundays, he was becoming a seasoned veteran who was ready to take on the music world.
Meeting Loretta Lynn in 1976 would be a big career changer and validate Rick as a performer and songwriter. He signed with King Coal Publishing in 1977 as an exclusive writer and also became the entertainment director at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch at Hurricane Mills, TN. After opening the show for Loretta in Williamsport, PA, the Queen of Country Music paid him a huge compliment. She told Rick, “You are an entertainer’s entertainer.” When he asked why she paid such a delightful compliment she simple replied, “I’m an entertainer and you entertain me every time you perform.”
As a singer/songwriter Rick has penned over 1,500 songs and has hit the national charts multiple times. Recently “That Muscle Shoals Sound” hit number three and “The Father of the Blues” came in at number four. He has had three other songs in the top ten and a couple more in the top 40.
In addition to making over a thousand live stage performances, he has appeared both in motion pictures and television. In the film “A Walk In The Woods” he shared screen time with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. On the small screen he has been the co-host and host of three shows with a national audience. His latest TV show is titled “History Highway”, which airs on his own TV channel called AME-TV (American Music & Entertainment Television). The network reaches over 120,000,000 households on Roku and Amazon Firestick.
Over the decades he has collected several awards for his talents. He has been a finalist in the Music City Song Festival, The Jimmy Dean Talent Contest, The Wrangler Jean Talent Contest and has received the Southern Heritage Music Award.
The year 2023 has been an exceptional year in the awards department. His song “The Father of the Blues” won “Best Blues Song” in the World Songwriter Awards and “Best Mississippi Blues” in the Mississippi Music Awards. Worldwide this same song has had over 500,000 streams on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud which qualifies the tune for Gold Record status.
Another original composition “Love In Your Eyes” won “Best Christian Song” in the Rampage Indie Songwriting Awards. The Southern Rock tune “That Muscle Shoals Sound” also picked up “Best Original Song” in the 8 & Halfilm Awards in Rome, Italy.
In the world of film festivals, the music video “That Muscle Shoals Sound” received awards for “Best Music Video” in the following events: The Royal Wolf Film Awards in Hollywood, CA; the 8 & Halfilm Awards, Rome, Italy; the Critics’ Choice International Film Festival, New Delhi, India; and the Frida Film Festival, “Orson Wells in Paris Award”, Paris, France.
Rick’s TV show “History Highway” also found favor on the film festival circuit. It received the “Best TV Series (Pilot)” award from these events: the 8 & Halfilm Awards; the Critics’ Choice International Film Festival; and the Frida Film Festival, “Orson Wells in Paris Award”.
During the course of 2023 Rick has received more than twenty nominations and selections in other music and film festival events. His biggest honor thus far is to be nominated for “Songwriter of the Year” in the Josie Music Awards which is held at the grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.
For more information go to www.rickrevel.com
Daily updates are available on https://www.facebook.com/rrevelthepatriot/
and https://twitter.com/rickrevel
Contact Rick at: rrevelthepatriot@gmail.com

Where are you based?
Henry, Tennessee

How long have you been making music?
50 years

What genre would you consider your music to be?
Blues/Outlaw Country/Southern Rock

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
I have been playing music on a stage since I was Twelve years old.

What are your biggest musical influences?
Memphis, Nashville and Muscle Shoals artists.

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?
I’m an independent.

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
Pushing forward even when I’m making very little money is a challenge, but I still do it just the same.

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
Fifteen albums, with number sixteen in the works.

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
“Hard Times In The Deep South” is about a hard working Southern boy who has the worst run of bad luck you’ve ever heard of before.

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
We will be back in the studio during the later part of April 2024 to finish the next album which will titlewd “That Muscle Shoals Sound”.


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