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Unlock the street by CityEmpire Entertainment (Christopher Tyrone Whatley)
Writer| Rapper | Promoter |

With over 20,000 plus plays on indiesound.com has reached #1 on the reverbnation.com charts in the Hip Hop category out of El Paso, Texas.

Being called the “Woke King of Hip Hop” by a top artist on Lum.Fm the Queen of New York out of New York, NY Artist SCARLET LEE ROSE 🌹 #ROSEGANG at the time of her review was ranked #1 and #2 on the charts overall while currently having a total of fifteen thousand plus plays on Lum.Fm her song Rose Drill provides a real Hip Hop & Trap sound that needs to be seen next on television and magazines.

Mica’s Music out of Washington, D.C. has a profile on Lum.Fm which has nearly eleven thousand total plays. Her song Remember me shows her true 🔥 as a Hip Hop & RnB Artist with her profile accumulating more than twenty-six thousand points. During her artist review she stated “she was impressed with the track and it is dope as hell” Unlock the street by CityEmpire Entertainment song was also reviewed by Tony Wrecks from Houston, Texas his I wanna Ball (Freestyle) truly provides a southern repsentation of Hip Hop that the Houston community should be very proud of. In his artist review he stated to keep up the hard work and it will pay off. When I watched the music video on his page while taking care of my new born son. I did not have the sound on but I noticed his BBQ grill on the track with his body language it reminded me of the finger circus I used to do by myself it was true flame 🔥. Then when I heard the words he said “his friend came up” thats all that matters to me when I hear raps sometimes in the middle of our own grind did someone come up beside yourself and he “A+” it.

Wilhem Duke from CHICAGO, Illinois represents Hip Hop & RnB from his area in his own way and has received eight thousand plus total plays in his page has a song called Free PPL feat. J-Bose making him very natural and Gifted in the entertainment industry. In his artist review he stated nothing was wrong with it and it was phenomenal and called it an amazing song.

Terrence Harris out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a music executive with a great song in Hip Hop & Trap called “Saffron City” he was recieved more than ten thousand plays in total for his page and reached more than thirty-five thousand points stating after he heard “Unlock the Street by CityEmpire Entertainment” that “the streets need this”. It was very thoughtful and he also took the time to recognize other local artist who worked music in that area such as Quinton Covington and El Dorado highschool alumn and Casini who uses spoken word over instrumentals.

Out of the University of Texas at El Paso Christopher Tyrone Whatley took creative writing with professor Jeff Sirkin who has been the author of the poetry collection “Traveler’s Aid Society” ( Veliz Books, 2016)

He was an inspiration to CityEmpire Entertainment “living the DREAM” and documenting it along the way. In doing so CityEmpire Entertainment was able to find the Skye and believe people can be Christian or just good people.

In the process I’ve discovered as an edgy El Paso, Texas native who aims to deliver hope in tales that walk the fine line between glorifying thug life and telling it like it is.

Schooly D started gangsta rap and knowing his story was amazing.

ICE T stated on hip hop evolution that people were pop locking and breaking in Los Angeles. He was never jumped in but was an affilate weariing the colors. But not a hard-core gangsta member. In knowledge he did say if you get connected to players you end up with a backwards situation.


Doing what is right becomes for suckers and you are living in a world with all these villains and scoundrels and you end up taking pride in that. Then said “It’s really Strange.”
Being the Vice President of the Black student Union i was thinking this giving the best advice I had as possible. CityEmpire to me ment BLACK STUDENT UNION. But as my own person I rept it myself. Gaining friends along the way.

From the University of Texas at El Paso i was taught to document the game.

Welcome to unlock the street by CityEmpire Entertainment
Writer | Rapper| Promoter

I made this song to capture my college experience and motivation. Along with sharing the history of the first team to start 5 African American athletes and win a college basketball championship. Texas Western.

The first verse discusses beef amongst ourselves and people. By using our mind to open a door of opportunity. This is the chorus.

opening verse: 1st kings the 7: don’t forget the 5
in scripture shows the” window in King Solomons temple”

Don Haskins in this case saw starting 5 African American men in a National Championship as a window of opportunity.

follwing verse: Everyone headed to the north.
Just like slaves we try to escape but lose ourselves in the process or a peice of what we try to accomplish.

follwing verse: Come like Lazarus back in time..
When you keep faith and stay on you’re path you have the ability to pick yourself back up from the past and change other people in the process.

following verse: Make the chains come off, now he on another grind. With the right attitude our mistakes become lessons and not obstacles. You can break the chains off someone you know and get them to their destination.
#Optimistic people do it all the time. @Ringseason
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Artist Biography-

Christopher Whatley is (CityEmpire)
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Electronic press kit made by

Antoinette Davis Obamanisha of (CityEmpire) Model Management and BAZAAR MODELS El Paso,Texas certified General Office administrative assistant.

“Unlock the Street by CityEmpire Entertainment was produced by Tony Arispe at (Paradox Studios) with Lyricist Christopher Tyrone Whatley a Writer | Rapper | Promoter from the University of Texas at El Paso.

His “Unlock the Street” the street rap song reached 20,000 plays on February 7th, 2021. The same day Tom Brady won the super bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Unlock the street by CityEmpire
Has received rave reviews on www.lum.fm being called the “Woke King of Hip Hop”.

Found here in this article: https://indiemusicspot.com/cityempire-unlock-the-street-by-cityempire/

Chris Whatley graduated from J.M. Hanks High School in 2007 and received a $500 college scholarship from Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (Sigma Tau) from Leo Pleasants by writing an essay. Then another $500 scholarship from the Black Chamber of Commerce from Leo Pleasants by writing a second essay. He then later was introduced to Sam Morgan while attending the University of Texas at El Paso. Receiving again a $500 college scholarship from the J.M. Hanks High School football booster club. Being recognized as Honorable Mentioned All-District 1-5A as a Defensive Lineman playing for head football coach Jeff Cleveland and current athletic director of the Ysleta Independent School District Mike Williams. As an invited walk-on as a Junior from Clemson (Paul Hogan), with Rice and Southern Miss making the same offer he decided to attend Grambling State from El Paso, Texas with instate tuition in Louisiana by James Spady a former Alumn of the Utep Miners. This Historically Black College University known around the world by its marching band and sending the most athletes to the NFL and coach Eddie Robinson allowed him to find a passion for urban culture.

Transferring back to the University of Texas at El Paso with the help of coach Robert Rodriguez, he was able to play on the football team. During his era, he became the Vice President of the Black student union in 2010′ working with Cynthia Keith as the President while being a member of the Future Leaders in Public Relations and Historian of the University of Texas at El Paso chapter Naacp Unit #69ag. Playing for Coach Mike Price an Eddie Robinson Head Coach of the Year Award winner. While playing for the Utep Miners he blocked an Xtra point on ESPN against a TOP 25 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks in freezing weather, receiving a full football scholarship and bowl ring in the process as a defensive end for coach Andre Patterson currently the co-defensive coordinator of the Minnesota vikings.

CityEmpire also worked with local artists to create showcases along with promoters to throw showcases and concerts.

Some include:
FlyBoi Entertainment (Patrick Freelon & Ezell)
Profresh Entertainment (Brent Ackerman & Elijah Donnel)
Rio Muhammed (MC RIO)
GrindHard Entertainment (Mono, Jaydat, Mistah Glaude)
OYL Entertainment (Alexander)
Dub Taylor (50/50 Global Music. #SONY)
Ringleader Jones (Troy Broadway)
Ira Young (Boss Entertainment)
SWAGGBROS Trayvon Poindexter, Prince Philly, Youngstar feat. (Big Lumba) (El Paso, Texas)
Dj Se7en (New York)
Big Sam Entertainment
Dj Rob Swift (Geckobrosradio)
Shawn Davis (Frequencies Disco)
Eye2Eye Promotions
Dj Black Apache
Dj Kb
Rico Torres ( T&M Latino Productions)

He was able to provide Graphic Design, flyer distribution, Event planning, Security, and promotion. While developing his song by helping others first he was able to “Unlock the Street” in his own way.

Chris Whatley’s (CityEmpire) only mission was to have one song reach 20,000 plays on one website while helping others get their voices heard. By living the dream.

This is a brief history of Unlock the street from the beginning.

When the song was first released to the public. Article link: https://lethalwordplay.wixsite.com/musicsavedmylife/single-post/2017/05/24/cityempire-entertainment

@lumofficial #TheExchange #Paradoxstudio “Unlock the Street” produced by Tony Arispe

Antoinette Davis is an aspiring Urban Model and Video Vixen from the United States of America and a first-generation college graduate in San Antonio, Texas graduating with a 3.43GPA. Knowing graphic design, marketing, and promotions as a certified Office General Administrative Assistant. Who loves business correspondence and communications. Now signed with BAZAAR MODEL.

“Cry Baby” music video demo feat. Da Baby posted by real music hype.

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4020 N. Mesa El Paso, Texas 79902


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We are coming to a city near you now go an turn up the VOLUME! -CityEmpire Entertainment Est. 2011

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Where are you based?

How long have you been making music?
Since 5th grade

What genre would you consider your music to be?

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
Mc Hammer and Hammerman

What are your biggest musical influences?
24’s by T.I

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?
looking to be signed

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
Mutli tasking raising kids and building a family

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
I’m focused on just one song and getting other voices heard.

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
20,000 plays on indiesound.com and great reviews from reverbnation being called interesting and sounding like 50cent and Drake.

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
City Empire Book release Unlock the street by CityEmpire Entertainment


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