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Bio: Helen O’Shea is an Irish born singer, songwriter, recording artist based in Princeton NJ where she leads the Celtic band “Shenanigans” – Songs Of Ireland, Old & New – as well as “Helen O’Shea & The Shanakees” performing her original songs in the style of “AmeriCeltiCana” – Americana with a Celtic twist! 🎶🦋☘️ After a career in medicine, Helen released her first full length album “Turning Tides…” featuring her original songs about life, love, loss and legacy – produced by 2 time Grammy winner Marc Swersky at Shorefire Recording Studios in Long Branch NJ. “Unbecoming” is the first single from their current collaboration.

Story: “Unbecoming” is a song about having the courage to dismantle who we have become through the expectations and demands of the people around us to get back to who we truly are. The stimulus for “unbecoming” often comes from unexpected life transitions or events that stop us in our tracks – this song is meant to encourage us all to throw off the chains and take advantage of these unexpected events, the signs the universe has sent us to follow our own dreams, not those that may have been imposed upon us, in order to live life to our fullest most beautiful potential – “set yourself free, you hold the key, to become all you can be.”

Song Credits:

“Unbecoming” written by Helen O’Shea & Marc Swersky (2 time Grammy winner)
Recorded and mixed at Shorefire Recording Studios, Long Branch, New Jersey with Joseph De Maio and mastered by Leon Zervos in Australia.

Studio Musicians:
Marc Swersky – Bass
Steve Holley – Drums
Plink Giglio – Keyboard
Alex Brumel – Guitar
Marvin Perkins – Dobro

Song Lyrics:

Helen O’Shea & Marc Swersky

Verse 1
Charlatans and clowns
Will try to take you down
And after many falls
You put up all the walls
Of loneliness and doubt
Wrapped up in a shroud
Underneath the veil
Trying to exhale…

Verse 2
And people who expect
Without all due respect
That you’ll live every day
In their specific way
The cord becomes a chain
Of suffocating pain
With buckets full of tears
For all your wasted years…

Set Yourself Free,
You Hold The Key,
To Become All,
You Can Be

Verse 3
Life shakes you all about
And turns you inside out
You grow a thicker skin
To not get hurt again
And build an outer shell
To save you from the hell
Of layers of debris
That noone else can see…

Verse 4
So teach your children well
Don’t box them in a cell
That limits who they are
Or stops them going far
Just help them find a way
To keep the hurt at bay
So even if they bleed
Maybe they won’t need…

Set Yourself Free,
You Hold The Key,
To Become All,
You Can Be

Music Video Credits:

Produced by Helen McNamara O’Shea, Princeton, New Jersey, and
Commander Media, Limerick, Ireland

Crew List:
Director – Jack Daniel McNamara
DOP/Camera Operator – Dillon Reid
Lighting Team – Orla Collins, Gavin Slattery

Main Cast – Kieran Ralph, Clodagh Geraghty, Audrey McNamara, Jack Daniel McNamara, Darren Curtin, Stuart Clancy
Extras – Kerri Fogarty, Sinead Timlin, Orla Collins, Gavin Slattery, Sinead McCarthy, Toni O’Connell

Please let me know if you need anything further – thank you so much, on behalf of the entire team, for your kind support.

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