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Night By Night from Groove Galore Muzik ( ft. Valentino Music & KasticK) is the single release from the forthcoming project of Groove Galore Musik’s “My Reggae Rockin’ Journey Vol: 1,” co-produced with Valentino Music on the NativeXamaycan Entertainment Label.

Release Date: August 25, 2023
Label: NativeXamaycan Ent / GrooveGalore Productions
Genre: Reggae, Rock | Length: 3:36 | ISRC: TCAHI2336941

The forth coming project “My Reggae Rockin’ Journey Vol: 1, includes 14 tracks that are a captivating and unique blend of Rock Covers that very much have the Reggae flavor and features KasticK on vocals and guitarist Rudy Valentino, Jr.
Night By Night was written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and was released on Steely Dan’s Pretzel Logic album in 1974. GrooveGalore Musizk’s take on the Classic Rock song, combined with the signature Reggae Roots music, positions the song to be a Reggae favorite for a new generation.

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