A Mysterious New Talent has started to gain traction the past few days on Spotify, he goes by GØNE and chooses to keep his identity private. When asked why he does this he said this “I like for the music to speak for me really if people see my life and how I am in other aspects they start judging that when all that they see and hear is my music they’re judging me what I love to do and that’s fine i’d rather have 1000 people judge me solely off music than have 2 people judge me because I wear supreme if that makes sense”.

He just dropped off his latest release of his project titled “THE GHOST & THE SNOWMAN” a collab project with long time friend and frequent collaborator, Frosty, who also keeps things private and has no solo music out to this date besides his solo track on the album titled “Everything I Wanted” a track in which GØNE does the adlibs because “Frosty doesn’t like to do them”. This album has continued to grow gaining hundreds of views an hour over the past 3 days since the release, his Spotify has gained 250+ followers and 6,000+ streams along with at least 1.2k monthly listeners although he couldn’t give us the exact stats because tracking of those stats are delayed by a few days. GØNE told us he plans to release “THE OUTTAKES” a Deluxe EP of “THE GHOST AND THE SNOWMAN” album which will host 5 songs and an Original Version of the song “Haunted Hill House” that didn’t make the final project.

GØNE is also gearing up to drop a concept EP next month titled “A CONCEPTUAL EP 4 U” which is a 4 song EP in which he tells a story about a previous girl that he states “was completed”. Meanwhile during all of this he’s working hard everyday on a project he’s hoping to title “GØNE WITH FRIENDS” a project that will feature most of his friends he’s made along the way since he decided to take music seriously in late 2019, it will include friends and producers he told us “I wanted to thank everyone who’s helped me with this music stuff when I didn’t know much when I started out. I’ve been a life long fan of music but I only started to take my craft seriously in 2019 so i’m in the process of putting together a project that will have a feature on every song and i’m going to try and include all my artists and Producer friends i’ve made since then, also might have a few fts from new people I haven’t worked with but are mutual friends that I hope to become friends with, i really hope people enjoy the project i’m working hard on it everyday and i’m putting sweat and tears into this, I hope all our fans connect and we all grow together, its like one big thank you project”.

GØNE hopes he only continues to trend upwards stating that music is his escape from the crazy world we live in right now. Be on the lookout for his upcoming projects with “THE OUTTAKES” dropping in 2 weeks and “A CONCEPTUAL EP 4 U” shortly after while “GØNE WITH FRIENDS” won’t drop until the summer, he has things planned for the down times in between.


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