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Home-grown talent of young songwriter recognised by Sir Kenneth Branagh initiative ’21 Artists for the 21st Century’ leads to new track ‘A House Without A Home’

It wasn’t the path most traveled for Irish songwriter Daisie Conway, but it was an equally satisfying ending. Lauded by the likes of producer Declan Legge and supported by a Kenneth Branagh creative initiative, the Larne singer-songwriter began her music journey last year. After a spell writing over lockdown and the success of her first two singles ‘Calendar’ and ‘All You Gave Was Goodbye’, Daisie is set to emerge with her new track ‘A House Without A Home’.

Mentored by Naomi Hamilton (Jealous Of The Birds, Atlantic Records), during its writing ‘A House…’ is a raw undertaking that catalogues relationships, old and new, and the courage to walk away from them. Lead by authentic vocals and a primal, dense arrangement of acoustic and Irish country traditions, Daisie is honest in her stark retelling of personal trial and tribulations. When the house you live in is no longer your home, bravery is required to walk from it – which is the emotional crux of the best song of her young career, drawing on the likes Saint Sister and Stevie Nicks for inspiration.

Written and motivated by deep Irish landscapes and with a sparse emotional horizon, her new track takes in the economics of change, transformation and loss. With a backbone that pulls from country, folk, acoustic and pop traditions, Daisie establishes herself as an up-and-coming songwriter in a loaded playfield, one with a unique voice and a distinct, striking aural aesthetic. Unafraid of either the intimate or the atmospheric, the newest track from Daisie is sure to enrapture new and old fans alike.

“The story of the song explores the emotional journey of betrayal, heartbreak and, eventually, peace following the end of a relationship where the “home” you had built with love was brought down again by broken promises and pain.” – Daisie Conway

“As a songwriter, Daisie Conway walks her own path. When you peel back the layers there’s both a vulnerability and a strength that come directly from her own life experience and that the listener feels through the heartfelt lyrics, melodies and pop and folk infused textures she weaves with her descriptive and immersive songs.” – Declan Legge, Producer (SOAK, Jealous Of The Birds, Reevah)

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