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Bud Elkin & Company recorded two CD Albums in 2016/2017. “Sand In My Shoes”, and “Got The Blues”. “Sand In My Shoes” has so far sold 5034 CD’s, and many more single releases of several songs on the CD.

“Beach on Monday” is a song that describes the life of an avid beach goer who makes a career out of beach observations.

We are releasing a new CD, “ROCK AMERICA”, consisting of Rock n Roll tunes, and one orchestra oriented pop song, which I wanted to write as a melodic acapella tune that gives the listener reflective insight into their human condition.
The band is loosely put together with Bud Elkin and five female players.
Drums(Crystal), lead guitar(Roxy), guitar(Bud), keyboard(Sara), Sax/horns(Ava), and synth make up our instrument portfolio.

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