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About Me:
My Name is Wolfgang ‘Wuff’ Leitner, and name myself Ac(e) G when making music (derives from ‘Ac’oustic ‘G’uitar).
I play acoustic guitar, sing, and love to write songs.
Mostly describing how life feels to me in certain moments, I barely tell big stories, but try to capture the impressions of a point in time. To put it another way: most of my songs are snapshots, taken from my life.
Since i have discovered the acoustic guitar, i try with all kinds of techniques (especially rhythmic knocking 😉 to give the songs a more Band like feel and sound. I don’t even shy away treating the acoustic guitar like an electric one (the re-plugged Singles), trying to get even closer to the idea of a ‘One Man Guitar Band’.

About the EP:
It was on a December evening, when i was blue minded, due to reason that my arm still did hurt and i couldn’t take playing fingerstyle guitar for longer than 15 minutes before the pain got to much.
So i picked up a plectrum, the first time in years now, and started strumming on my guitar. My mind started rambling, and the first two songs came to me: Handpicked by the night, and Fly away. I had a few song ideas more that night, and one of them became the third tune on the EP: And I know…
Orion descending is the last song i did for this release, in March, when Orion clearly was on the descend.

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